MultiTech Collection

One shape, multiple sizes for any part of the face. Proprietary MultiTech™ bristles flawlessly apply all makeup types. Universal tapered cut for optimal color pickup and blending

Ways to play
point L: blush, detailed bronzing, bb/cc cream, highlighter, contour

point XL: powder application, bronzing, baking, foundation blending, tinted moisturizer application

point XXXL: bronzing, décolletage, body contouring

point sponge: foundation, contour, highlight

point small set: 4 sizes for detailed application + precision blending. point S: all-over shadow, concealer, contour lines, highlighter + more. point XS: color correcting, concealer, crease shadow. point XXS:  detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending. point XXXS: brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner, lip detailing. one-size-fits-all brush stand: store your brushes upright.